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Ministry of Defence of Hungary Defence Economic Office    

The Hungarian Ministry of Defence Infrastructure Agency (MODIA) is a public authority responsible for state owned MOD properties stakeholder task performance, built and rural estates management, housing-logistic material supply, rural and built estates reconstruction execution and management control tasks. MODIA is also entrusted with coordination of MOD sites (rural and built estates), utilization, maintenance and management / service ordering procedure, environmental and nature protection task performance, remediation programme leadership, and financial management, state-owned MOD housing stock related tasks, proposal launching procedure, MOD sites service and maintenance execution. 

The main activity of MODIA in the proposed project will be related to project co-ordination. MODIA will delegate the project site co-ordinator and financial manager to fulfill administrative project management tasks, monitoring project progress and preparing Progress, Mid-term and Final Reports. The Agency will also take a lead role in the preparation of the Post Project Conservation Plan. Technical tasks of MODIA involve field surveillance preparatory to concrete conservation actions. The Agency will also be responsible for technical planning and acquisition of legal documents, bank guarantees and permits. Technical plans will be elaborated based on field survey results and presented to the implementing beneficiary before conservation action are undertaken. 
The Infrastrucutral Agency of the Hungarian Ministry of Defence (MODIA)– the coordinating beneficiary – has been participating in the execution of environmental protection projects in national defence within the scope of the National Defence Thematic Action Plan called 2nd National Environmental Protection Programme/Protection of Biodiversity and Landscape Conservation for 10 years.
Funds from the budget are made available by the Ministry of Defence for the execution of nature conservation actions. In this project, the benficiary performs professional supervising, co-ordinating and managing duties.
The objectives defined in the project are integrated into the existing environmental protection activities of the applicant by using the practical experiences gained in the preceding years and setting a high value on the EU project. It is a highly important mission of the Hungarian Ministry of Defence. 
Fundamentally, everyone will perform his/her duties and activities related to the project in his/her own professional field during his/her working hours.

The Department of Environmental Protection/Infrastructural Agency of the Ministry of Defence performs the environmental protection duties of the Ministry nation-wide, according to the Resolution 132/2003 (11th December) of the Hungarian Parliament on the law containing the National Environmental Protection Programme 2003-2008. 


VERGA Co. is a public body 100% owned by the Hungarian State through the Hungarian Ministry of Defence. The mission of the organization is to synchronize military activity and forest, game and land management tasks on 36 000 hectares in the Veszprém area while fulfilling all related legal ordinance. Another constraint of its operations is that the organization should be self-sustainable and should not impose any disbursement on the owner, the Ministry of Defence.

Business and activity profile of the organization is the following:
·         forest, pasture and game management;
·         reuse of forestry byproducts;
·         promotion of tourism;
·         maintenance of public recreational facilities and school camps;
·         building construction;
·         trading of forestry products.
Activities of the beneficiary in the project will cover the development of a fast response fire emergency system in the project area to reduce the abundance of wildfires caused by military activity. These actions involve machinery procurement, development of a fire brake zone between the Eastern Bakony military training field and priority habitats, construction of a water catchment pool for fire protection and the reconstruction of a fire emergency road network.
Other project tasks will be targeted at restoring and halting the degradation of priority habitats such as Sub-Pannonic steppic grasslands, Medio-European calcareous scree of hill and montane levels, Pannonic woods with Quercus petrae and Carpinus betulus, Pannonic woods with Quercus pubescens utilizing forest management methods. These measures include the removal of shrub thicket from valuable grasslands, suppression of invasive arboreal species, transformation of planted Pinus nigra forest cover into Pannonic woods, recultivation of illegal waste dumps, abandoned roads, quarries and military facilities on the site.
Verga Co. will also be partially responsible for dissemination actions such as the installation of gates on inbound roads to limit unauthorized traffic, installation of informational and notice boards and the development of an educational trail in the area. The beneficiary will take part in the project management by delegating a task manager to the Project Steering Group.
Verga Co. has been carrying out activities in forestry, agriculture and game management in the project area on the basis of an agreement it has concluded with the Ministry of Defence on the use of the area. Through this agreement, the absolute observance of rules of the respective laws is guaranteed and undisturbed performance of military training and drills are furthered. 
Above activities also include all the stages of activities carried out in the area within the scope of regular operating, too, i.e. tending of the land, construction and maintenance of roads, wood cutting, reforestation, changes in the forest structure, construction of reservoirs, and mine re-cultivation. The activities of the proposed project are totally in line with the operation of the company.
Aquaprofit Engineering, Consulting and Investment Co.

Aquaprofit Zrt.Aquaprofit Corporation is a Hungarian inter-regional mid-size organisation with 5 regional offices in Hungary and a branch office in Romania  – working in the field of planning and implementing drinking, mineral and geothermal water related projects, exploitation of renewable energy sources, developments in tourism industry and environmental protection.

The corporation has state of the art expertise in the following areas:
  • water resources and management;
  • renewable sources of energy;
  • sustainable development;
  • regional development;
  • environmental protection;
  • dissemination activities.
Throughout the implementation of its previous projects the beneficiary has been laying a strong emphasis on the aspect of distribution information – communicate the project objectives, the deliverables and results to all stakeholders involved. The company has gathered a regionally acclaimed experience in dissemination activities by participating in numerous collaborative projects. These activities include raising public acceptance, organising info-days and open door events, launching road-shows along with public awareness campaigns. 
Employees of Aquaprofit have substantial experience in planning, managing and assisting international collaborative projects (Tenders as well as grants, such as INTERREG, PHARE CBC, ALTENER, FP6, etc.) Since its establishment in 1994, the company has been involved in more than 300 development projects in the value of € 120 000 000, creating over 1500 new jobs.
The main activity of Aquaprofit Corporation in the proposed project will be to disseminate the project results on a regional and international scale, and to provide a well experienced project manager to the Project Steering Group. As stated above, due to our role of implementing dissemination tasks for various development projects Aquaprofit Corporation is well aware of and prepared for accomplishing the goals of the proposed project. The beneficiary will be in charge of project website development and maintenance, compiling and publishing layman’s report, co-ordinating media and public relations, publishing and distributing educational material, organizing information meetings, organizing an international seminar on the project and the exchange of best practice with other LIFE+ military initiatives. It will also responsible for the development of a sustainable post project communication plan. 
Aquaprofit Corporation’s main activities include managing and implementing environmental and nature conservation projects.
The proposed activites are completely in line with the activities of the beneficiary. The company is managing several environmental projects at the same time. It has introduced a managemenent structure that suits most these various project management activities.
The activities undertaken will be done by a project manager and a project assistant, who are both working on a service contract on the premises of the company.


Balaton Uplands National Park Directorate

bfnpi logoThe Balaton Uplands Park Directorate is an independent legal entity financed by state budget. It is independently managed, and operates under the direction of the Minister of Environmental Protection and Water. The operational area of the Directorate includes parts of Veszprém and Zala Counties and the northern part of Somogy County (altogether 1,000,464 hectares). The number of employees is 64; 11 of the total are experts in nature conservations and landscape protection, 19 employees are nature conservation rangers, the others cover administrative staff and physical workers. Basic duties of the Directorate have to be accomplished as state duties in line with the Government Decree of 347/2006. (XII. 23.).
The Balaton National Park Directorate:
  •  organizes and operates the Nature Conservation Guard of the Directorate, helps the Municipal Nature Conservation Guard direction and takes part in supplying of guarding duties related to the protection of archaeological heritage; 
  •  fulfills tasks related to state research on nature conservation, maintenance and restoration of habitats;
  •  provides consulting service for public proceedings related to nature and landscape protection; 
  •  fulfills tasks related to the management of state property; 
  •  fulfills tasks related to the management of protected and strictly protected natural values, protected and strictly protected natural areas, Natura 2000 sites, natural areas and values protected by international agreements, excluding tasks provided to other bodies or natural persons by law;
  •  fulfills tasks – determined in separate laws – related to the declaration of areas protected or Natura 2000, furthermore to the establishment and operation of environmentally sensitive areas;  
  •  prepares nature conservation management plans;
  •  prepares plans for the maintenance and management of protected plant associations/vegetation types; 
  •  takes care of the safe-keeping/preservation of seized natural values;
In the operational area of the Directorate 1 national park (67,019 ha), 3 protected landscape areas (11,240 ha), 27 nature conservation areas (5,499 ha), and as part of the Natura 2000 network 4 SPA sites (100,578 ha) and 48 pSCI sites (233,291 ha) can be found. 
The most important responsibilities of the Directorate in the project is transferring its knowledge of best environmental practice to other beneficiaries through practical collaboration on concrete conservation actions and monitoring the project impact on the target habitats and species. It will be responsible for the preparation of the concrete conservation actions (A.1 Making preparatory inventories of priority Natura 2000 species and habitats of the project area, A.2 Drafting of Natura 2000 site management plan for the project site). Concrete conservation measures led by the Directorate involve stimulation of population growth and nesting of Saker Falcon. It will also take part in dissemination actions through education on environmental practices and organizing public excursions for the public. The beneficiary will take part in the project management by delegating a task manager to the project steering group.
People working at the ‘Directorate of Balaton-felvidéki National Park’ (hereinafter called ‘BfNPI’) will join the project organization. One person working for BfNPI will participate in the project management and IT. This person will be practically the local project co-ordinator.  
The people working for BfNPI will perform tasks that the Directorate is responsible for, with the exception of tasks to be carried out for them by a person from outside. Fundamentally, everyone will perform the tasks related to the project in his/her own working hours and line. On the whole, the division of work will be as follows:
Project Coordinator of Actions of BuNPD:
  •    is responsible for the coordination and management of all the project activities of BuNPD
  •       prepares the reports for LIFE sponsor.
Ranger Service:
  •      maintains contacts and coordinates project activities on the site
  •      participates in habitat treatment and other works in the field
Department for Nature Conservation:
  •     supervises, controls and provides quality assurance for habitat management activities from conservational point of view,
  •     continuously monitors and evaluates the habitat management activities and results,
  •     prepares the reports